Around the world in 20 hours

Around the world in 20 hours

Vector Informatik
Around the world in 20 hours
Worldwide and online
implementation, programming, Conceptual design
u2d | update2solutions GmbH

The Vector Informatik GmbH was one of the first customers to move into our virtual event spaces – and this is the fourth time that we have had the pleasure of designing, developing and providing the digital infrastructure and digital spaces for the #vshow. And once again we were able to experience how cooperation in the virtual world can become a great event.

Video tutorial on the Youspace environment from Vector

New Year’s Eve feelings during software tests

The Vector Virtual Software Testing Symposium 2021 spanned several time zones: one by one, different participants from all over the world joined in, took part in presentations on the topic of trends and innovations in the software sector or met to exchange ideas. More than 800 participants from 35 countries were able to join the event simply by registering in their browsers. 1:1 chat options with text and video included. 17 international speakers and 3 moderators led the programme and filled the 20 hours with content and enthusiasm

The most popular sessions were the Live Q&A Sessions, which were held after the lectures – a great digital platform for all experts and those who wanted to become experts.

From 3D to 2D…

According to the specific requirements of this event, we rebuilt the YOUSPACE environment and provided a 2D interface with a side toolbar that ensures lightning-fast and intuitive usability. Content, leads and colleagues could be found even faster and contacting them was easy.
With this, we have developed another component of our virtual world of experience in YOUSPACE and can also use it for other projects – always tailor-made and adapted to the respective events.

…and further into reality

Anyone who would like to arrange a YOUSPACE tour is cordially invited to experience our 2D and 3D rooms for themselves. For this and for further questions, please simply send an email to Volker Schmied at v.schmied(at) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.