Ready to plug in

Ready to plug in

Agentur für Elektromobiltät
Signage for the electromobility locations in Berlin
Berlin, various locations
Conceptual design, draft, Planning, construction management
Image Rights
raumHOCH, artis GmbH

Exhibits for E-Mobility

To develop a significant location marker for the sites of electromobility within Berlin-Brandenburg – that was the task set by the Berlin Agency for Electromobility (eMO for short). Together with yoove Mobility GmbH, raumHOCH consequently designed an oversized plug that, attached to a round concrete base, can be placed at the various locations.

Berlin electrifies

In bright light green (the CI colour of the eMO), equipped with the eMO key visual and sprayed with the Berlin skyline, it shines at a total height of 2.60 metres. Together with general information about the electromobility locations, the respective logo of the location and the location-specific information, it will in future be found at five fixed locations within Berlin-Brandenburg until late autumn 2016. Only the plug in front of the HTW in Berlin will be given a fiery red cable to pick up on the existing art on the building – a red cable that repeatedly comes out of the ground and disappears back into it – on the site. Another plug will go on tour and accompany the travelling exhibition on electromobility designed by the eMO in the future.