Well equipped for the future

Well equipped for the future

MCI Deutschland GmbH
Well equipped for the future
Hannover Messe 2023
Design, Planning, construction management
MCI Deutschland GmbH
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raumHOCH GmbH

For the successful appearance of the software company SAP at the Hannover Messe 2023, we were allowed to design, plan and realize the exhibition booth together with the lead agency MCI Deutschland, as in previous years.

Minimalist design and clear lines

In order to also ‘transfer’ the client’s core message very specifically into the exhibition room, we used a 100-meter-long and six-meter-high facade scaffolding that is usually used on construction sites. The construction almost ideally reflected this year’s SAP motto: “[…] Connect, Contextualize, Collaborate ” – flexible cross tubes and connecting scaffolding couplings as a design implementation of a well-networked collaboration.

For static reasons, the scaffold was secured with 42t of ballast made of concrete blocks, commonly used in agriculture or construction industry for enclosing loose bulk materials. As a stable structure in the background, it then provided a stage not only for the communication banners and logos visible from afar. Light boxes, media technology, exhibits for special presentations and specially manufactured communication furniture could also be flexibly integrated and harmoniously rounded off the clear impression.

Focus on sustainability

In line with the SAP message “Make Manufacturing More Resilient […]”, we looked at the most sustainable construction method possible in advance. Here it quickly became clear that less is, quite obviously, more! That’s why we paid attention throughout to the broadest possible reuse or possible subsequent use of the materials. Especially because it was only a temporary trade fair construction, it was important to us to translate SAP’s ‘resilience’ into a resource-saving appearance.

Our facade scaffolding and concrete blocks were not only planned in a modular fashion, but were also returned to the lessors or manufacturers after the trade fair so that they could be used in accordance with their original purpose. Of course, we did not purchase new lifting floors, wall structures, rigging, technology etc., but rented them as in the past.

A particularly sustainable, charming highlight was even created at the very end: the printed banners were later sewn into individual tote bags. The few custom-made components were stored for SAP so that they would be available again for future trade fair appearances.

Yes, something is moving!

In addition to all the joy of implementation, this project gave our team courage above all. To the fact that there is finally a real turnaround away from chipboard or plasterboard battles and waste mountains of carpet and foil, towards sustainable trade fair concepts. And above all, that our partners and customers appreciate our architectural impulses in this direction and want to implement them together with us!