No one has to be anybody. Just be! Or do bee doo.

architect, developer, concept and creative code creator, marketeer, designer, media expert, techie,
someone in between or someone meta. We like humans and we like beta, too.

We understand a lot.

  • Bulgarian
  • C#
  • Doggo
  • English
  • Español
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • TypeScript
But not everything.

That’s us.

  • FJSW
    Frederic Joël Seraphin Wandersleb4,5,7
    Project Management
  • MEG
    Maria Emila Grandval4,7
    Visual Design
  • NK
    Nicole König4,7
    Project Management
  • MC
    Michael Conzelmann4,7,11
    Technical Management
  • EF
    Emilia Forstreuter4,7
    Creative Direction
  • CB
    Celina Blattert4,7
    B.A. Architecture
  • EC
    Elina Choutea4,7,8
    M.A. Architecture
  • AL
    Andreas Landowski4,7,10
  • CS
    Chris Schaal4,6,7
    Art Director
  • CD
    Christian David4,7
    Lead Software Developer
  • FS
    Frank Schmid4,7
    Graduate engineer
    for architecture
    ETH/SIA Creative Director
  • FR
    Fredy Reimert4,7
    Graduate engineer
    for architecture
  • GM
    Georgi Musev1,4,7
  • IS
    Ivy Stolle3
    Head of Feel-Good-
    Management Berlin
  • JM
    Jan Meersmann4,7
    Graduate engineer
    for architecture
  • OU
    Oliver Ueberreiter4,7
  • JS
    Jana Stolle3,7
    Financial accounting
    & Administration
  • RS
    Raoul Staab4,7
    Media engineering

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