Hello innogy!

Hello innogy!

Interactive Virtual Reality Roadshow for the launch of the innogy brand
Roadshow (Berlin, Essen, Warsaw, Prague and many more.)
Conceptual design, Planning, programming, Design, implementation, media production, construction management
Jung von Matt/brand identity
Image Rights
raumHOCH, Chris Schaal

How can the new brand identity be experienced first-hand?

In the course of the launch of the innogy brand, raumHOCH, together with the Hamburg brand agency Jung von Matt/brand identity, designed a roadshow format that familiarises employees and customers with the brand in an innovative and playful way and gets them excited about it. In the innogyBOX, built from two overseas containers, visitors are taken on a virtual journey that leads up to a 100-metre-high wind turbine, from where they can gain insights and views into the new brand world. The experience in the box corresponds to the colourful, cheerful and innovative character of the new brand.

And how can you even physically move in the world that makes up this brand?

In the colourful virtual space, visitors become creative themselves: they are invited to paint three-dimensionally with the controller. In addition, there is a completely new experience for visitors outside the box: with a hitherto unique media architecture, raumHOCH makes it possible for them to also participate in the otherwise purely immersive VR experience. They see a combined live image from inside the box on the LED wall on the outside. In this mixed reality composition, they can observe the person inside the box in the innogy brand world in which they themselves are currently moving virtually.