Hi, I am Clark!

Hi, I am Clark!

Augmented time travel in three scenarios
Active Ingredients, Amsterdam
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How do stressful everyday situations affect the skin and cells?

From the avatar in everyday stress to the biorhythm to new active ingredients from Clariant: raumHOCH and Fuenfwerken Design AG invited visitors to Active Ingredients in Amsterdam 2018 on a journey of discovery in augmented reality. The identification figure for Clariant Active Ingredients was “Clark”, a small, virtual avatar that was brought to life via iPad.

And what can be done about it?

In a playful narrative, the visitors accompanied him through his everyday world and followed the changes in his skin and cells in real time. In this way, the negative effects of stressors such as jet lag, screen radiation or work stress could be understood in various scenarios, and at the same time the mode of action, relevance and benefits of Clariant’s new active ingredient “B-Circadin” could be experienced individually.

Clark is also available for home use

To spread the experience across channels and maximise lead generation, bridges were built between the digital and offline worlds. Visitors could have their picture taken with Clark and receive the pictures by email, at the same time they could reproduce and spread the trade fair experience as often as they wanted: Clark can also be brought to life at home with a smartphone or tablet. Those who want to get to know him and his world will find the download link and the marker graphic to print out alongside.