Loop Loop

Loop Loop

Showcase Smart Factory
Walldorf SAP Headquarters
Conceptual design, media production, implementation, visualization
MCI Deutschland
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Connected future

Every year at the Hannover Messe, SAP impressively presents how the future of networked industries can already be practised today. In 2020, we contributed an innovative overall experience based on interactive storytelling via gesture control. Content: D2O, from Design to Operate and D2C, from Design to Consume in two closed loops.

Motivating skeleton recognition

On a 98” screen, visitors were able to discover the entire service portfolio of SAP’s Digital Supply Chain for both the discrete and manufacturing industries at their own pace and according to their own interests. We developed two stories, each of which was initially self-contained. In addition, they overlapped at a crossing point (for those in the know: at the Operate station, the previously manufactured element from the discrete industry is used directly in the process industry) so that an overall story was created from two stories. We thus helped a diverse target group to obtain very comprehensive as well as specific information, depending on their needs. The information was made available by capturing the exact hand position and the skeleton of the user with an Intel RealSense camera and incorporating it into the stories in real time. Every movement of the user (whether one or two-handed) was recognised directly and transferred to the screen. Interfering movements of bystanders were faded out. A coherent invitation to immersive interaction.

Sustainable stories for sustainable application

In addition to product presentations and overall contexts, each story also explained the environmental impact of the respective area. Sustainability was also taken into account in the design of the overall application: It is currently in permanent use in Walldorf in conformity with Corona and will be used many times around the world.