Timelapse Tube

Timelapse Tube

VR ceiling projection without glasses
Swissbau, Basel
implementation, detail planning, coordination, Planning, media production
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New brand new perspective

Together with our friends from OFSI in Zurich, we transformed this journey into a virtual experience with completely new perspectives: The viewer looks up at the gas networks from inside the earth from below or flies through the pipes himself and opens up new dimensions – completely immersive and in real time. Since he wears a helmet, his head movements can be precisely tracked by a tracking system and he is immersed in a virtual world that always adapts exactly to his viewing angle.

Via controller to climate neutrality

From the beginning of the history in 1874 to the outlook for the year 2050, when the Swiss gas industry wants to be climate-neutral, the viewer explores various stations and is interactively involved: Sometimes he collects biowaste with the controller, from which gas is later produced. Sometimes he generates wind or solar energy and experiences how the power-to-gas technology makes good use of the overproduction of renewable energies by converting it, feeding it into the gas system and making it available later.

Olympics in the Goodie Bag

The virtual journey through time was used for the first time at Swissbau in Basel and ended with a highlight for the visitors: if they were able to correctly answer the question about the 125-year history, they could win a trip to the Olympics in Japan.