VR without glasses

VR without glasses

VR installation without glasses
European Coatings Show, Nuremberg
Implementation planning, Conceptual design, programming, media production
Image Rights
German Brand Award, Red Dot Design Award

VR without glasses – with Clariant

Immersing yourself in virtual worlds with VR glasses is without question a unique and lasting experience – in the right environment. Especially at trade fairs, we have experienced that some visitors have reservations about putting on VR glasses and thus acting isolated from the real world. For Clariant’s trade fair appearance at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, we therefore designed a virtual reality application that does not require VR glasses at all.

For a new perspective – Please Move!

The system detects the position of the visitor as he/she looks through a window-high screen and displays the virtual Clariant world according to the individual perspective. If you step closer to the screen or move to the left and right, you will discover new areas of the virtual world – just like an analogue window. With a controller in your hand, you independently activate hidden Clariant products, design the Clariant world with more and more colours and call up animated product information.

From the living room to the harbour edge

Navigation between the individual scenes takes place via the “flying carpet” function, which can also cover large distances thanks to animated camera movements. This is what an interactive sales conversation looks like today.