Virtual Press Officer

Virtual Press Officer

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shoulda coulda woulda

We’ll spare ourselves the “XY in times of Corona” phrase at this point and tell it straight as it is: Yes, we would have preferred a physical press conference where all the parties involved were actually sitting at the same table. However, we and the entire SmartQuart, E.ON and vorm team made the best of it. In this case, that meant holding the kick-off press conference for the project phase of the energy transition project virtually with high-ranking representatives from politics and business – as the premiere of our virtual event platform YOUSPACE!

Real and digital

Together with content refinery, we developed an interactive programme sequence in which prepared content was seamlessly combined with a live presentation in front of a green screen with the presentation of the respective project goals (video broadcast to all of Germany) and a digital question and answer session (in writing or via video chat).

Energy transition in the live stream

SmartQuart’s project objectives pay towards achieving the goals of the 2015 climate agreement. Successfully tested measures in local neighbourhoods are to benefit the whole of Germany. Participation of all stakeholders is also a main component of SmartQuart – accordingly, we are pleased to have created a virtual environment within a very short time that could be made accessible to an even broader public.

Oh one more thing

On YOUSPACE we present further virtual meeting spaces, from pitch presentations to board meetings. We are pleased about your interest!