AR Guest Tour

AR Guest Tour

Augmented Reality Tour
PwC Experience Center, Frankfurt a.M.
Conceptual design, Design, programming, media production
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A 3D tour for the 34th floor

Thanks to raumHOCH and the latest technology, the PwC Experience Center in Frankfurt am Main has grown by one dimension: Visitors to the 34th floor of Tower 185 can now explore the projects, staff and philosophy of PwC’s innovators independently and interactively by linking virtual and physical objects in a meaningful way.

BXT – beam me up

Equipped with an iPad and a mini headset, the visitor is greeted by a virtual welcoming committee that rises impressively from the floor. Afterwards, the English- and German-speaking digital assistant takes over and provides the visitor with additional information – always depending on where exactly in the room they are at the moment. An augmented guiding line on the floor and 3D inscriptions in the room provide additional orientation.

From point to point

Highlights of the tour are: An interactive column extended into (virtual) infinity with project details info slides that can be projected onto any wall. Living photographs like in Harry Potter and the multiplayer option to simultaneously write sticky notes, place them in the room and make them available for subsequent visitors. If necessary, the tour can be expanded and adapted in the future. The only accessories required are the markers placed in the room, the iPads equipped with the app and optionally a Bluetooth headset.